God sends his angels down from heaven to pull on the one armed bandits to win cash for the parties he has with gorgeous babes on cloud number 7.We’ve got a selection of Classic Slots – No Bullshit, Just Spin & Win! Find below our choice of the hottest classic slots. We’ve searched throughout the web, and have come up with these guys who are currently offering the hottest Slots on the Planet. No Bells or whistles. Simple easy to understand hot games. Here we offer you slot machines that are simple to follow with little or no gamification.  This selection of slots are best to just relax and unwind with a drink in your hand after a long day. Play & Win!

Top 10 Hottest Classic Slots

(Fuck them up as if they were Sluts)


slimpy-wild-slots million-cents-slots

Simply Wild – Exactly what the name implies. A simple & wild slot machine! Catch it whilst it’s hot!
Million Cents – For those bankers who are sick of counting other people’s money! An easy to play Slot machine game that will have you at the edge of your seat when it shoots all the coins in your face! Making you never have to count other people’s money again in your life!

lucky-3-slots fuit-bonanza-slots twin-spin-slots multi-fruit-81-slots Sunny-Shores-slots fruit-shop-slots

Too Hot to miss Slot Game

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.42.31 PM.pngEver fancied a Japanese Geisha? Here’s your chance to dive into the world of the Orient with this spanking game. She’s nearly too hot to trot, you know what they say about Japanese girls? Well be careful as this one is armed with a Samurai Sword! Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 7.42.07 PMFind out if she can slice silk with that sharp blade and embark on a journey as you play the various levels in the game. Knowing the Japanese language is not necessary, but if you hit it Big, then make sure you get drunk on Sake!  This game is hot and that’s why we are featuring it right here! Click on the Sakura Fortune pictures to go straight into the game or click right here.