s10ts.com bring to you a hand picked curated set of games. No need to sift through the magnitude of old, irrelevant games. We bring to you the Hottest slots of the moment.


No Bullshit. We offer a healthy choice of slots for your entertainment at any level. No need to be a high roller to enjoy our services, #playbig #winbig.

At s10ts our mantra revolves around the tonnes of ugly shit that is thrown up on the web. If we were able to get a vacuum cleaner and suck the rubbish sites that is out trying to trap people with phony shitty deals we would. Instead we created this hub where we make it very obvious to people in the industry that we are not scared of anything and if they want to work with us, then they have to start doing things a little differently. “And we like to kick” 

Not every online gamer is the same, we don’t try to cater for everyone. 


If you don’t like how we curate our site or how we present the best and hottest online casino games, then you are free to fuck off. Just jump onto another website that you feel cters for your needs. Over here at s10ts we are situated in the middle of where all major Gaming Companies such as Betsson , Quasar , Bet365 , Betclick, BetFair, Bethard are headquartered. This means that we don’t just send “stern” emails when things don’t go our client’s way. We are able to hammer on the office door and wait in the lobby till we are seen to properly get the deals we require for our clients, and our clients are Church.