anthony mcpartlin goes to rehab

#BGT Host, Ant McPartlin REHAB??

Our favorite TV host Anthony McPartlins checking into rehab! Luckily he’s not as headstrong as our late dear singer Amy Winehouse. Our 41 year old star confessed to substance abuse, prescription drugs and booze. It’s crazy that thinking that the whole time we’ve been seeing Ant these past four years he might have been high as a candle stick!casino free spins

Apparently our Britains got talent friend had a knee operation that went wrong, leaving him in chronic pain. hot casino jackpot slotsSo if this were true, shouldn’t the doctors and surgeons be somewhat accountable for their actions? Just to be absolutely clear, the image to the left is not Anthony’s operation, but seeing as these surgeons look more like lumberjacks in clinical overalls, I wouldn’t be surprised by our friends predicament. The fact that he had to turn to illicit substances maybe no fault of his we feel. However it’s always terrible to be hooked onto prescription drugs. We at truly feel bad for the tv host we all grew up watching and hope that he can kick it asap. We at are curious to how Declan Donnelly is going to cope without his sidekick. Not really a sidekick as such as the duo are more like Batman and Batman, neither one is Robin as such. They go so well together, it’s truly a match made in heaven.

Tramadol is a dangerous prescription drug to kick and we are happy he’s finally checked himself into rehab, the sooner the better – that we can all kick back and see him again where he belongs!

In the meantime however we can relax, take off our shoes and spin a hot slot or two. We

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