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Want to play like Danny DeVito and get the bitches? Then give these slots a go and find yourself a nice hoe! They’ll be pulling it like the lever of the slot machine when you hit the big green! Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.55.01 PM
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She’s done hitting the bong and wants to play. Problem is that she’s got expensive taste. All bitches have extremely expensive taste when they aren’t the ones footing the bill. Give the slot machine Hall of Gods a few spins and if the jackpot lands on your ass then you’ll be tapping that shit all night, *dabs AF*

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Mega Fortune Dreams is our current “Hot Jackpot” €3.4 million could be yours if it breaks! This Hot game could have all your dreams come true, hence the name of the game. Simple game play, not complicated. Grab a drink, spin & win! We at believe that this is too hot to give up!

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About Mega Fortune Dreams from the Makers:

Mega Fortune Dreams is the much-anticipated sequel to record-breaking Mega Fortune slot machine. Bigger and better than its predecessor, Mega Fortune Dreams features jackpots that will grow more quickly and drop more frequently. Mega Fortune Dreams boasts the Triple Jackpot Bonus Game, as well as wild substitutions, free spins with multipliers, and re-spins, giving you a myriad of chances to win big and take home massive prizes. When 3 or more wild symbols appear anywhere on the slot’s reels, 1 re-spin is activated. When 3 or more scatter symbols containing spinning diamonds appear, the free spins feature is activated. In the Jackpot Bonus Game, which is activated by 3 bonus symbols on an active bet line, there are 3 wheels and 3 progressive jackpots. The goal of the bonus game is to make the wheel pointer stop on an arrow, leading to either a jackpot or a fixed amount win.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, and we say: “Be fuckin’ Innit! Innit!” Click here to give it a go and buy that merc you always deserved, which one you ask? Just look below, this will get you all the tail you deserve!

Gonzo’s Quest – The search for Eldorado!

gonzo-quest-slot-tipsOne of the most popular games on the net at the moment ,Gonzo’s Quest. This is is not your simple press a button and get three fruit in a row kinda game. Nope, throw that out of the window. This is a fucking experience! You’re going to be immersed in a world of this guy in search of Eldorado. So what the fuck is in Eldorado? Click here to find out!


You and I may know Gonzo to be some other type of shit and believe me I was surprised as hell when they came to offer us a Gonzo, #luckyday , #daymade but it was something entirely else altogether!

Help our homie Gonzo get laid, play his game and watch him get enough gold to really perform a Golden Shower on the luckiest Cat in Eldorado. If he get’s to Golden Shower, then you can bet that so can you! Click here for Golden Shower time on this hot slut (I mean slot)

About Gonzo’s Quest from the makers:

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most extravagant and fun slots out there. From the introductory cut scene to the in-game graphics and gameplay, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about, but tons of things to enjoy. The titular Gonzo is a conquistador in South America, doing what the conquistadors did: looking for some of the natives gold to take. He’s rather ambitious though, and is looking for a city of gold – Eldorado. The Gonzo’s Quest video slot doesn’t so much consist of reels as falling blocks. Blocks that, well, block the entrance to the mythical city. The symbols making up winning bet lines will explode, but that doesn’t really help much. New blocks will fall down to take their place, so called “Avalanches”. This is a good thing. First, it means you might win multiple times on a single spin. And second, each new Avalanche increases a prize multiplier. This one starts at x 1, and can get as high as x 5, for four or more Avalanches. There’s also a Free Fall and Wild Substitution. The Wild can act as any symbol, for completing bet line wins, and three or more Free Fall symbols on an active bet line, from left to right, starts 10 Free Falls. During these, the prizes are tripled, and combine with the Avalanche multiplier, meaning you can get as much as 15 times the normal prize money! Not quite a city of gold, but pretty close.

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